Thursday, September 15, 2011

Patent Play Stocks

With the surge of acquisitions in the intellectual property space, I have created a list of publicly traded companies with patents that might be classified as disruptive.

In my book, How To Find Big Stocks, I discuss how intellectual property is the new "raw material" for the U.S. economy and the Internet is the new manufacturing and distribution system.

I give you a tool that spots waves and Big Stocks in them.

The How To Find Big Stocks Newsletter highlights companies we feel are poised to turn into Big Stocks.

Patents and ways to monetize them, represent a huge investable wave coming.
How To Find Big Stocks

Intellectual Property Stocks

In the book, I highlight another wave, that is projected to be even bigger than the Internet, which created fortunes for many. There are two companies in this list that will play a key role in this massive investable wave.

8X8 8X8 Inc VOIP

ACTG Acacia Research patent monetizing (discovered under $3)

ACUR Acura Pharmaceuticals drug abuse deterrent formulation

ADMP Adamis Pharma cancer vaccine

AKAM Akamai internet conferencing

ARWR Arrowhead Research proprietary RNAi delivery platform

ASTC  Astrotech unique method to drive a mass spectrometer ion trap used for chemical detection and identification. (see subsidiary 1st Detect)

AUGT AugMe Technologies(formerly MDVX) mobile advertising mobile device content rendering (discovered under $2)

AVOI Advanced Voice Recongition voice recognition

AXK Accelr8 rapid DNA and protein diagnostics

BDCM Broadcast Marketing Group (acquisition of LoCatl) GPS tracking

BKYI BIO Key fingerprint identification software

BMOD BioModa cancer detection in liquids

BOCX BioCurex caner marker

BSGC Bigstring recallable, trackable, erasable and secure email

BCYP Blue Calypso "Method and System for Peer-to-Peer Advertising Between Mobile Communication Devices"

CELO Ceelox biometrically enable encryption

CIGX Star Scientific tobacco curing toxin reduction

CLYW Calypso Wireless ASNAP seamless switching cell to wifi/satellite (discovered under .05)

CMEY cMoney mobile money transfer

CMPD Compumed   tele-monitoring imaging and analysis

CRDS CrossRoads virtualization IP

CYPW Cyclone Power Technologies all fuel clean tech engine

DDD 3D Systems stereolithography technology 3D printing

DDDG Digital Domain Media Group  3D technology

DMRC Digimarc digital watermarking media content identification 

DSNY Destiny Media Technologies (1) watermarking, tracking digital content
enables content owners to trace back the source of pirated content.(2) patent filed for renders video to web browsers on all computers and devices, including mobile, without requiring advance support or permission from that device or manufacturer (discovered at .35)

EDIG eDigital flash memory

EGHT  8x8 Inc. voice and video communications, signaling, processing and storage technologies.

FCSC Fibrocell Science autologous personal cell therapy

GENE Genetic Technologies junk DNA/genomic mapping and method of treating cancer (discovered under $1)

GEVO Gevo converting an ethanol producing yest into an isobutanol producing one

GGOX GigOptix fiberoptic component Thin Film on Polymer

GNLK GeneLink  proprietary DNA assessments linked to personalized nutrition, skincare and wellness applications and products

GOJO GraphOn server based application publishing and Web enabling software solutions

HDVY Health Discovery Corp support vector machine (SVM) pattern recognition and machine learning worldwide (lots of applications)

HSSC Homeland Security Corp cyber security storage

IDCC Interdigital (discovered under $5)

IDN Intellicheck Mobilisa ID reading technology market,  mobile devices that are capable of reading barcodes, magnetic stripes, RFID and OCR codes printed on current forms of ID cards

IDSY ID Systems access control for remote mobile assets (auto and luggage tracking)

IMUC ImmunoCellular the method of delivery and the composition of the six antigens in ICT-107 that include TRP-2, MAGE-1, HER-2, IL-13 receptor a2, gp100 and AIM-2.

IMMR Immersion haptics/sensing technology

IPAS iPass multiple patents focused on Wi-Fi settlement, network authentication, policy-based device authentication,

ITNS Itonis Holdings electro-magnetic frequency technologies that enable the ability to magnetize carbon, salt, and silver

KBLB Kraft Biocraft Lab spider silk

LIQT LiqTech silicon carbide membrane filter (ceramic membrane) technology..reverse osmosis, liquid and gaseous filtration 

LMLP LML Payment Systems electronic check conversion transactions

LOCM 1. keyword specific ad referrals based on user input via operator, SMS, WAP or voice
2.a geographical web search system that retrieves an initial webpage with a link to a related second webpage. Geographical or local information from the second webpage is detected and associated with the first webpage in order to create an index of webpages associated with the geographical information

LQMT LiquidMetal revolutionary patented alloys

LUDG Ludwig Enterprises converts unused digital TV spectrum into a high quality subscriber-specific radio service with multiple audio channels;  patented technology utilizes a “carousel” that interleaves information streams in a repeating pattern for inclusion into a digital video broadcast (Digital TV: also known as HD TV), allowing Ludwig’s data carousel to deliver multiple dynamic digital audio programs, not just one

LWLG Lightwave Logic electro optical device

MAKO Mako Surgical haptics for robotic surgery

MAXD MaxSound audio to high definition

MCVE MacroSolve mobile information collection systems across all wireless networks, smart phones, tablets, and rugged mobile devices, regardless of carrier and manufacturer.

MGT MGT Capital algorithmic calculation of anomalies in medical images for use in cancer detection (12 issued 19 pending)..5/12 acquired Steven Brandstetter's gaming patent claiming $500m in lost revenue from Ballys and IGT 

MIPS MIPS Technologies home entertainment processor

MITK Mitek Systems mobile phone scan image (discovered under $1)

MFON CommerceTel Corp process of translating legacy telephone numbering system to next generation Internet-based  (IP) addressing. SMS, MMS and Voice networks will need to license the patent for phone number to IP address translations.

MMTIF Micromem  MRAM IP dating back to 1992

MRNA Marina Biotech RNAi

MVIS Microvision pico projection, MEMS and display technology

NEI Network Engines digital fingerprint for physical, virtual cloud

NEOM Neomedia resolving a machine readable identifier (barcode, RFID tag, voice) and providing link

 to Net

NEON "slide to unlock" touchscreen technology

NLST Netlist Rank Multiplication and Load Reduction Technologies (cloud memory)

NMGC NeoMagic  array processing and other technology

NSSI Network 1 Security power over ethernet "remote power patent"

NUAN Nuance Dragon's speech to text IP

NUVA NuVasive spine fusion devices

OPTI OPTI Inc various semiconductor IP (active litigant)

OPWV OpenWave Systems smartphone connection to Net

OTIV On Track Innovations  over 100 issued patents and patent pending applications for near field communications (NFC)

PAMT Parametric Sound directional beam of sound

PANL Universal Display organic light emitting diode

PBTH Prolor Biotech  the production and manufacturing processes used for hGH-CTP (human growth hormone)

PCO Pendrell  1300 patents covering 3G and 4G wireless technologies, ecommerce, mobile applications, video delivery and security.

PRKR ParkerVision RF receivers

PTSC Patriot Scientific co-owner of Moore
Microprocessor portfolio

PYN.V or PNYTF Poynt mobile content delivery/geofencing "mobile Groupon" (discovered under .03)

QTMM Quantum Materials dots and solar cell processing

ROSG Rosetta Genomics microRNA personalized medicine

RTGV RTG Ventures define and tag media content

RPXC RPX Corp patent defense

SCIE SpectraScience optical biopsy method to determine if tissue is normal, precancerous or cancerous

SCRA SecureAlert interactive electronic and GPS monitoring solutions for criminal offenders

SEFE SEFE Inc  proprietary detection system, which enables the Company to target the most desirable areas for harnessing maximum atmospheric electricity

SGMO  Sangamo Biosciences  zinc finger technology..key for gene therapy

SITO Single Touch Systems streaming and routing media patent portfolio that covers the storage, management,
routing, analytics, and billing of media and advertisements
sent to a mobile device over a cellular network

SKVI SkinVisible polymer drug delivery system

TGAL Tegal Systems nanolayer deposition technology

TISA Top Image Systems mobile remote deposit capture technology (patent pending)

TIVO TiVO Internet to TV (TV Commerce Wave I discuss in book)

TRID Trident Microsystems digital set top box

TROV Trovagene transrenal DNA and RNA (diagnosing cancer through urine)

TSYS Telecommunications Systems SMS/LBS

UNIS Unilife injectable drug delivery

VHC VirnetX 4G uniquely positioned (discovered under $2)

VPLM Voip-Pal through acquisition of Digifonica Galbratar varied VoIP patent portfolio containing revolutionary proprietary digital voice technologies

 VRNG Vringo enables a user to select media content to be played on a friend's mobile device and vice versa (video ringtones)

VRSEF Verisante skin cancer detection

VSCP Virtualscopics CT imaging solutions

WAVX Wave Systems trusted drives

WDDD Worlds Inc System and Method for Enabling Users to Interact in a Virtual Space" and has additional continuation claims in process before the U.S Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). These patents relate to computer architecture for three-dimensional graphical multi-user interactive virtual world systems

WGAT Worldgate video telephony

WILN WiLan wifi portfolio

WLGC WordLogic predictive text

XXII 22nd Century Group modifying nicotine

If you know a company with disruptive intellectual property, add comment or email me.

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ih8aloss said...

QTMM would be one of those two companies. Their ability to mass produce Quantum Dots for commercial applications will "play a key role in this massive investable wave" for the following reasons:

The applications for uses of Quantum Dots is exploding!

No Name said...

The company with the IP for "mobile content delivery"just penetrated India.
PoyntApp is now live in India

Anonymous said...

Scott, NVIV has many patents on the spinal cord injuries, not sure if its disruptive but no competition in a huge market!

InVivo’s proprietary technology was co-invented by Robert S. Langer, ScD, the David H. Koch Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Joseph P. Vacanti, MD, affiliated with Massachusetts General Hospital. The patent rights that are the basis for InVivo’s products are under an exclusive, worldwide license from Children’s Medical Center Corporation and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Data on InVivo’s technology was first published in PNAS in 2002 and has since been demonstrated to successfully promote functional recovery following traumatic spinal cord injury in several models including rodent and non-human primate models. Data from InVivo’s pilot non-human primate study was published in the Journal of Neuroscience Methods in 2010.

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