Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Bango's Mobile Marketing is Bingo!

This is a fantastic mobile marketing idea by Graphico and Bango. Combine the ease of texting and recognized keywords for mobile marketing.

Look for more SMS players to implement this.

From TelephonyWorld "Browse and Buy" WAP sites for Universal music

Universal Music has selected Graphico New Media to develop mobile sites for its roster of artists with easy access and billing provided by Bango. Universal Music has official websites for over 300 artist.

To access the mobile sites, users text go universal to 85080 or text the first name of the artist, eg go rachel, to 85080 to access individual artists' sites, as in the case of Rachel Stevens.

Fast, easy access to the site is provided by Bango's Txt Trigger. Billing is powered by Bango and the user can choose to pay on their phone bill, by PayPal, or by credit/debit card.

Can you think of other keywords would be good use besides music artists? This might be the catalyst for SMS players to start generating revenues.

There are loads of possibilities from this

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