Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Combine a physical world hyperlink (RFID tag) with location based services (GPS) and some powerful physical world connection possibilities arise.

Imagine what happens when mobile phones can scan an RFID tag.

From Engadget Fujitsu unveils GPS receiver with integrated RFID tag

While we've got both GPS receivers and RFID tags handling very important duties around the world, Fujitsu has gone and unveiled a GPS unit with built-in RFID capabilities to provide the best of both worlds.

The Tag Locator V2 sports the locating abilities we've come to know and love, promising accurate longitude / latitude measurements between "three and five meters, and bundles in an active RFID tag that operates on the 429MHz frequency band. Once the GPS receiver beams out the location data, the device then communicates the RFID information via "a unique ID," and can purportedly channel its data to any reader within 200 meters.

Designed primarily to provide constant streams of precise data in airports, garages, and other locales that manage a plethora of equipment / vehicles (or lucrative PS3 boxes), the units should hit shipyards soon at ¥20,000 ($169) a pop.

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