Friday, December 29, 2006

Do You Know Your Own Physical World Hyperlinks?

How well do you know your own physical world hyperlinks?

Each one of us has a few natural form physical world hyperlinks (PWH). A PWH is some machine readable identifier that when scanned and matched up in a database on the Internet, identifies a specific person, or object.

When an item is scanned and identified in a supermarket, that is a closed from of physical world connection. The magnetic strip on your credit card or license is a physical world hyperlink.

Soon instead of just a 1D barcode, there will be other PWHs (2D code, QR code, RFID tag) on physical objects that will allow mobile phones to scan, identify from a universal database, and retrieve information from the Net.

There's a good chance at least 2 of your own PWH are already in a database and being used.

This is one example of a natural physical world hyperlink.

Use another natural physical world hyperlink to pay for your groceries.

There is at least one man-made physical world hyperlink and these guys are developing it.

The biggest, and the most identifiable, will eventually have multiple machine readable identifiers for it. Know what it is?

The "Internet of Things" doesn't just include inanimate objects.

The Next Generation of the Net, or Phase 2, is when every object has a dial tone and can be connected to the Internet. The mobile phone and other devices will provide the dial tone, but the fun will be in identifying the hyperlink.

So do you know how many PWH you have?


Anonymous said...

Hi Scott,
hope you had a nice holiday.

Edeka, a cooperative food retailer in Germany, does payment per fingerprint for quite a while.

Found an old press release on heise:

Finally something we Germans are one step ahead. :o)

Anonymous said...

Phone number, finger print, retinal scan, dna....implanted RFID chip are the obvious ones..

No Name said...

For DNA, your blood, semen, saliva, urine, and hair will act as the hyperlink.

A Human Being Barcode