Thursday, December 14, 2006

mob5 And ShotCode Join Forces

What a great idea. A mobile site creator offers an easy way to access them with physical world hyperlink company OP3 .

mob5 and ShotCode join forces is the largest Nordic mobile website creator and now they have expanded their offering by simply allowing their users to create ShotCodes.

Download the ShotCode reader.

Currently serves several thousand mobile webpages and the numbers are increasing rapidly. All you have to do is visit and create your own mobile webpage, the interaction design is simple and intuitive as is the creation of your own ShotCode. Just check out the menu item in the editor menu and your own personal ShotCode is only one click away.

This comes shortly after ShotCodes were launched on 40 million Sprite bottles in Mexico.

40 million physical world hyperlinks is a great start for adoption, and letting users create their own code is another.

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