Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Google Phone....Or a Phone With Googol Possibilities?

Google is venturing into offering a mobile phone, can physical world connection be far behind?

Google recognizes one key thing, Mobile Search is really Mobile info

The Observer has a story about Google holding talks with Orange, the mobile phone operator, about a multi-billion-dollar partnership to create a 'Google phone'

It would have built-in Google software which would dramatically improve on the slow and cumbersome experience of surfing the web from a mobile handset.

Among the potential benefits are location-based searches: aware of your handset's geographical position.

Tony Cooper, a telecoms consultant at Deloitte, said: 'There are numerous situations in which people say "I wish I had Google in my hand",

What will Google Mobile look like?

Just some of the applications and revenue opportunities that will come with this device...

Google TALK
Google SMS Words
Google LINK
Google mobile marketing
Google mobile ads
Google mobile words
Google coupons
Google click-to-call
Google LBS
Google Moogle
Google QR Codes

How will Google make a googl with the Google Phone?

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Anonymous said...

It makes sense for Google to go into mobile phones, because in the near future our phones will be our computers, our music player, our digital TV and our DVD plyer. Sorry MP4 player.
They control everything else, why not this too?