Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Microsoft's Don Dodge Picks Scanbuy As A Company To Watch In 2007

When Microsoft identifies a physical world connection player, as a company to watch in a multi billion dollar opportunity, that can only mean good things for this space.

A couple years ago I introduced Robert Scoble, Microsoft's Chief Evangelist, to the concept of physical world connection and after a live demonstration, he called it "the next killer app". Today the Head of Biz Dev at Microsoft files it under "the Next Big Thing".

I dont think there's any doubt thatPhysical World Connection is coming.

Don Dodge, Director of Business Development for Microsoft's Emerging Business Team has put together his list of 2007 Predictions for Web and Software on his blog called "The Next Big Thing"

He considers "Mobile Web" as one of the top 5 hot areas and under "Mobile Search", a multi billion dollar opportunity, Don suggests ScanBuy as a company to watch.

Scanbuy just recently completed a $9m raise from Longworth. Masthead and Hudson.

It doesn't hurt that they have the previous CEO of steering the ship either.

Microsoft is recognizing the potential for Scanbuy's applications but is Google already looking at Scanbuy?

I will be posting my physical world connection predictions for 2007 shortly.

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Adam said...

Just not really seeing the Microsoft-Yahoo mix. They both have very unique products and with the growing "Live" set of products MS is making I think they will stick to their own turf.