Wednesday, December 13, 2006

CounterFight Uses 2D Codes For Brand Protection

Add CounterFight to the physical world connection company list

From Packaging Essentials CounterFight..New Division To Provide Brand Protection

Claricom Limited (UK), world market leader in the provider of Package Coding Management ( PCM) systems has launched a product security and brand protection division CounterFight.

The CounterFight products use proven and patented technology to print unique non-sequential security codes onto every product at item level and at case or traded unit level. Typically printed as a simple human readable code (although barcode and 2D barcode versions can also be specified), the numbers can then be checked and verified at any time and in any place by authorized users via phone, SMS-text message or the Internet.

Unique security codes can be automatically generation and printed online at production speeds of up to 1,500 items per minute and the unique correlation between the codes on items and case make it unviable for would be counterfeiters to replicate.

Whenever verification of a unique CounterFight code takes place either by the Internet, SMS messaging or telephone, then information about this verification is stored in a secure database

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