Friday, December 08, 2006

Dish TV Offers Text Channel With CellPoint And PixelPlay

I expect more advertisers to start including SMS keywords in their ads as a quicker method of interacting with the consumer.

From CreativeMac Cellpoint and PixelPlay offer interactive TV with SMS

Cellpoint Mobile and PixelPlay teamed up to launch a Short Message Service sweepstakes on EchoStar Communications' DishGAMES interactive-TV channel.

DishGAMES is powered by PixelPlay's interactive-TV technology, and Cellpoint is a provider of user-oriented mobile services.

The sweepstakes will enable DishGAMES players to "text-in and win" one of three Apple Computer iPod Nanos, with winners notified via text message. In return, PixelPlay will acquire the capability to alert players through SMS of future game releases, new sweepstakes offerings and promotions

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