Monday, December 04, 2006

MobileAMA Connects Physical World Using V-Codes And A Camera Phone

There's another bar code, optical character recognition (OCR) via camera phone reading application in town that is creating truly valuable physical world connection applications.

Add MobileAMA to the physical world connection list.

Mobile AMA ( is the commercialization arm of Applied Media Analysis, which has done years of Research and Development on mobile devices for the government. Some valuable everyday applications include interpreting foreign languages, scanning business cards, reading medication, shopping information.

Their patent-ready mobile vision technology, a computer vision technology which allows camera-enabled handheld devices, such as PDAs and Smartphones, to read and see, AMA products turn users’ camera phones into personal data scanners.

MobileVision creates an opportunity to build applications which link the existing physical world to mobile content. This platform enables devices to recognize barcodes and other language characters, such as the information printed on signs, business cards, or other text.

Applied Media Analysis company, announced today the launch of V-Code (Video Code), a product that allows data transfer to camera phones through a dynamic visual code.

In Asia nearly 80% of cell phone users use QR Codes regularly to link to web addresses or phone numbers, however QR Codes are limited by the amount of information they contain. V-Codes allow users to download large files presented visually on any TV, monitor, flat panel device, LCD, CRT, or movie screen.

See the Demo

Based on our patented MobileVision technology, a computer vision technology which allows camera-enabled handheld devices, such as PDAs and Smartphones, to read and see, MobileAMA products turn user's camera phones into personal data scanners

This is nice to see. Look how they started this.

AMA has been awarded seven grants from the government under the highly competitive Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program. Millions of dollars in Phase I and Phase II awards helped build AMA’s proprietary information and intellectual property. A Government funded a physical world connection player.

They have also completed several different research and development projects for clients such as DARPA and the Department of Defense

MobileAMA has also developed a patent pending Mobile Barcode SDK as a platform-independent, compact 1D barcode decoding development toolkit.

Their highly accurate multi-platform Mobile Barcode Reader can be integrated into most major mobile platforms including Windows Mobile, Symbian, and Palm. The Mobile Barcode Reader is a cost effective way to convert your camera phone into a barcode scanner


wei said...

Where have the v-code PC reader now?
my email:
thank you!

Billy Hunt said...

The Video Code (V-Code) is an invention of MobileAMA. This is the announcement of the launch of V-Code. MobileAMA is currently seeking companies in the 2D barcode market who are interested in licensing or purchasing this patent pending technology.

Andy Bucholz
Director of Business Development

V-Code said...

this is the trial version of v-code:
For both Symbian (S60,2nd) and Windows Mobile 5

There are 4 compiled V-Codes ready to be downloaded.
You'll need a brief registeration to download the decoder.

Anonymous said...

where is the demo version??I need it.The site dosen't exist.