Monday, February 12, 2007

Chinese 2D Barcode Company Gets Funding And Adoption From China Mobile

Another 2d barcode company, or physical world connection company, gets their platform adopted by a major player.

From Pacific Epoch Gobi Invests In 2D Barcode Company

Inspiry Limited, China's leading 2D barcode technology and application provider Inspiry Limited announced on February 12 that it has completed a Series A round of funding from Gobi Partners . The amount raised was not disclosed.

Inspiry also announced that it had been selected by China Mobile as the sole 2D barcode technology provider for China Mobile's customized handsets. Inspiry is the developer of China's national barcode standard the Hanxing Code. Instead of talking about creating a standard, they landed the largest wireless provider and their code became it.

Inspiry's barcode technology has been installed in handsets from manufacturers including Nokia, Lenovo, and Dopod. Inspiry plans to use the funds to expand its technology.

Here's a key point I picked up on the site.

"In addition, China Mobile will launch a two-dimensional code on the Internet".

A major wireless provider is allowing users to create their own 2d codes, physical world hyperlinks. Would physical world adoption occur quicker in the States if Sprint or Verizon offered this?

At the recent International Exhibition of Automatic Identification Technology, Inspiry showcased their physical world application.

The exhibition was rich in content and covers the automatic identification technology and products, barcode technology and products, radio frequency identification (RFID ) technology and products, voice and image recognition technologies and products, and other optoelectronic OCR recognition technology products and integrated application of automatic identification solutions, automatic identification and application of integrated information solutions.

An entire conference devoted to physical world connection.

Here's a suggestion for the Mobile Consortium MC2 "organization".

If your true motive is to get physical world connection adopted, why don't you include the companies that are actually getting their PWC platforms adopted by carriers and handsets to your organization?

This announcement makes 3 different PWC companies that have had their platform adopted in the last month alone.

For the companies that aren't getting their platform adopted, I wonder if they can't "paint" the right picture.


Larry said...

I wonder if SCANBUY can read their codes? Seems Nokia is placing a lot of platforms on their phones

Scott Shaffer said...

Good question.

That might be something else the Mobile Consortium can "discuss".

Anonymous said...

Is there something "MICRO"
in your "PAINT" comment?

Anonymous said...

Scanbuy's china application does support the china mobile (CMCC) standard.

Anonymous said...

SCANBUY's china application supports both the CMCC standard in China and the OMIA standard in Taiwan

Anonymous said...

SCANBUY's china application supports both the CMCC standard in China and the OMIA standard in Taiwan

Sudipta Das said...

well, The strategic partnership will create a solution combining technologies of both companies around 2D barcode services including: mobile ticketing and couponing, anti-fraud solutions and media codes such as WAP, SMS, or vCard codes that provide consumers with quick and simple access to digital content.

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Michael said...

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