Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Generate Your Own Physical World Hyperlink

Here's another site that offers the ability to create your own physical world hyperlinks. The key point to note is that there isn't any barrier to entry in this space. Just like a website, hyperlinks can be created pretty easily.

Because their is no barrier to entry, a 2d code standard will occur when Google, Microsoft or Yahoo (major players) develop their own physical world hyperlink application.

There are 2 ways in which a standard occurs. Either you are the biggest and can force adoption, or you are so innovative that others follow.

Innovative companies don't need to have a standard in order to compete. The market chooses a standard. It is my belief that some companies are trying to force a 2d code standard because their own adoption efforts have been unsuccessful and by being in charge of creating this standard, it will allow them to compete.

From AJA Magazine OpenQRCode Generator

OpenQRCode is a new one page service to generate free QR Code, a new 2D Barcode standard from Japan which started to become widely adopted in industry.

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Anonymous said...

Some of what you say is true but you're missing the bigger picture and that is: operators and handset makers will have a lot to do with actual user experience too (good or bad) and thus will influence (ubiquitous) adoption. Hey, they've got the bats, the bases and the "balls(?)" to impact the game to a great degree, not to mention an in place billing structure. It's not just Google or Microsoft or Yahoo that will determine "the standard" IMO. ALL parties in the ecosystem (I hate that word!) will need to work together so ALL may be successful, including the all-imporatnt enduser.