Monday, February 12, 2007

MoBeam Beams Barcodes From Mobile Phones To Scanners

Nexit Ventures' Ecrio is a company to add to the physical world connection list.

From DMNNewsWire Ecrio "beams" barcodes from mobile phones to scanners

Ecrio , a leader in real-time communications and commerce software for mobile phones, today launched MoBeam(TM), a patented new service that bridges the gap between mobile handsets and the global barcode point-of-sale infrastructure.

MoBeam features patented technology that permits the easy transfer of barcodes from mobile devices, including phones, to industry-standard scanners.

This new service will be available globally; Visa International, a leader in payment services, has agreed to integrate MoBeam barcode technology into Visa's recently announced mobile platform.

For years, technologists have known how to send barcode information to mobile phones (via email, WAP, SMS and more), but have been unable to transfer that barcode information (for tickets, coupons, gift cards, etc.) from the handset to barcode scanning devices.

"MoBeam is the missing link between today's mobile consumer and a worldwide commerce infrastructure based on barcodes," said Nagesh Challa, Ecrio Chairman and CEO. "For instance, a traveler using mobile search functions can be sent a digital coupon, easily redeemed at point-of-sale via the traveler's handset."


jbv said...

This solves a real problem. If it works these guys will have a real company.

Anonymous said...

Mobiqa have been doing this for years!
I don't see the big deal with MoBeam

Terence said...

I wonder why have they claimed this stuff as ground-breaking. From what I read in the PR, this is the same thing as Mobiqa, Active Wireless, Swiftpass, etc. etc. Either they were intentionally deceptive or they might want to check their business plan again. Or, a third option, I'm stupid and couldn't understand properly what was announced.

Anonymous said...

it seems quite different :
- Mobiqa provides mobicoupon in pushmode
- Mobeam flashes a barcode and pulls the info