Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Nextcode And Smart Communications Launches Decode.. Barcode Scanning Application

A couple weeks ago Smart Communications announced they were licensing Nextcodes' Physical World Connection platform.

Nextcode Corporation , a worldwide leader in optical bar code scanning technology, announced today that Smart Communications, Inc. (SMART), the leading Philippine wireless services provider with 22.9 million subscribers, is the first major carrier to license Nextcode's ConnexTo(TM) for Carriers platform.

This week, Smart Communications officially launched the 2d code scanning application. provides a great summary , and pics of the applications, Smart Communications is offering with the ConnexTo platform.

A key point with this licensing agreement is that Smart Communications is known for embracing cutting edge technology and they chose a "non standard" code. Non standard meaning one that looks different and is adaptable from the other 2d codes you are used to seeing. Not only does the Nextcode's code contain more data per space, but the codes are flexible, meaning you can size them and shape them.

Nextcodes's Head of Product Development has a nice summary of this licensing agreement and the potential for Nextcode.

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