Thursday, February 22, 2007

Trillcode Uses 2D Codes To Connect Physical World

Add Trillcode to the Physical World Connection list

Trillcode is a 2D barcode made to be used with mobile phones. Its strength is the scalable design which will allow not only increasing capacity, but inside modifications as well

Trillcode is one of the few physical world connection applications which has the decoder integrated in the phone application and does not rely on server decoding.

Trillcode is ominidirectional, scalable, you can input 5-86 characters (numbers, letters, signs) and the size accomodate with your data. Their next version which allow hundreds of characters is almost ready.

They are the first to allow placing a logo image inside the code as far as they know.

1. POINT your phone to a trillcode located on a wall, newspaper or monitor
2. SHOOT and the Trillcode application will give you the clear content of the code
3. TAKE ACTION and participate in campaign with a single key press.

See how easy it is to create your own physical world hyperlink (2D code) and attach specific functions for it.
Applications include (website, SMS, phone number, email, download content, contacts)

To download the Trillcode application.

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