Tuesday, February 20, 2007

ScanBuy And DuPont Offer Brand Interaction With Barcodes And Camera Phone

Company's 2D Barcode Solutions To Be Used with Select Global Brands

This is a huge win for Scanbuy and for the Physical World Connection space. DuPont placing 2D codes on their packaging builds an immediate database for consumers to scan.

This should change the perception that Scanbuy was just a price comparison tool using a camera phone and barcode.

Scanbuy, Inc., (www.scanbuy.com) a global provider of wireless commerce solutions today announced an exclusive agreement with DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers (P&IP) (www.DuPont.com) to license Scanbuy’s interactive 2D (two dimensional) barcode technology for packaging applications.

As a part of the agreement, DuPont P&IP will be the exclusive marketer of Scanbuy’s interactive camera-phone technology to the packaging industry.

DuPont's Product and Services list . There's endless physical world hyperlink applications there.

DuPont P&IP selected Scanbuy as its exclusive technology provider to commercialize and market Scanbuy’s interactive technology to select global brands under the DuPont banner. When imbedded in product packaging, 2D barcode technology enables a myriad of consumer interactive applications directly from mobile handsets.

Some potential uses in packaging are checking nutritional content of food & beverages or determining if a cosmetic is suited for you, and more sophisticated uses like playing games & winning prizes.

“Smart packaging represents a key future packaging trend and opens up new opportunities that run the gamut from better inventory tracking to brand enhancement,” said Dr. John Hillenbrand, Vice President, Innovation and Technology for DuPont P&IP business unit.

“We chose to partner with Scanbuy because their barcode-capture technology and services platforms are clearly more advanced and robust than others in the market.”

“DuPont has long been an industry leader in packaging innovations and has deep expertise in commercialization of new products and technology,” said Jonathan Bulkeley, Chief Executive Officer of Scanbuy, Inc.

“We selected DuPont as our exclusive packaging partner to benefit not only from their depth of experience but also their extensive reach into the consumer products packaging industry. “


Anonymous said...

ScanBuy is making great headway in this sector. To think that DuPont was aware of NEOM from their paint business and still chose ScanBuy says a lot about both companies.

Good things about Scanbuy. Rejection of NEOM's 'qode'.

With the recent events in this sector I have to come to the conclusion that 'qode' isn't ready as a product or is seriously lacking function, reliability, or maybe a host of other things. All just my humble opinion.

Congratulations to ScanBuy. I'd love to be kept updated about an IPO.

Scott Shaffer said...

Scanbuy is doing a great job of putting the pieces together.

They landed a mobile phone manuf (Nokia) and a major brand (DuPont).

This story seems to be playing out.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations ScanBuy. You are true pioneers and leading the pack for mobile shopping and visual search.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a bad deal for Scan Buy. Basically they are now tied to 1 single company for all packing applications.

Is it a mutually exclusive deal in that Dupont cant go elsewhere as well?

I noticed no terms have been made public so I'm assuming this wasn't a 'cash reason' for the deal.

Scott Shaffer said...

You might want to do some homework on Dupont and the numerous packaging options they offer.

DuPont can add physical world hyperlinks to various packaging products, this is hardly a "bad deal".

This is a good start.

DuPont will provide a registry for the packaging industry and generates revenues by letting brands "turn on" their product".

DuPont can generate another revenue stream from packaging.

One example is Elvax . These are the "neck rings" for soft drink bottles. Take a look at what major brands use these.

Instead of trying to land major brands, they went one step further, and landed the packaging for the major brands.

In my opinion, that's visionary thinking.

Anonymous said...

So...just who's in charge, the packager or the Brand? Where do the ad agencies fit in now with a Brand's mobile marketing plan? Still seems that the 'mix' of authority 'above' the packager level could torpedo even this visionary thinking.

Scott Shaffer said...

Getting DuPont to add 2D codes to packaging, in my opinion, is a lot more productive in developing a "standard" than creating a committee to talk about it.

I suggest spending time on DuPont's Packaging webpage and see how many products and brands this encompasses.

When one of the largest packaging companies starts placing 2D codes on numerous packaging pdts (for various industries), by default, they are creating a standard .

DuPont takes a lot of the guesswork out of it for the brands and MMs. Brands and mobile marketing companies should love this deal because it will force quicker adoption.

Having a major packaging company like Dupont adopt a specific code, is exactly what the physical world connection industry needs.

Anonymous said...

That's potentially 'Betamax' thinking...watch out for VHS is all I can say. Other industry pundits/participants might not concur with your take on all this PP.

Scott Shaffer said...

Until I can verify beyond a blog post, that this company has this "said" capability, I won't publish your comment that includes their name.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have any idea if and when scanbuy will work with the new camera enabled blackberries?