Friday, February 02, 2007

What Is Web 2.0? It Is A Dynamic Internet

I thought I would bring out the pondering pen this week.

This week Microsoft released their new operating system Vista. Some say Microsoft continues to lose to Google because Microsoft still focuses on the power of the device, versus the power of the Net. They haven't catered their biz, or placed enough emphasis, on the real "device" that needs operating systemS, the Internet.

In the mean time, they have missed out on numerous billion dollar revenue streams.

I thought it would be a good time to discuss Web 2.0 and what I think it consists of.

Most of the applications and definitions I have seen for Web 2.0 seem to be software applications on the Net, that make information that already exists on the Net, easier to find or use. While this is great that the Net is being mastered, I wouldn't label it next generation.

In my opinion Web 2.0 is, or occurs:

1. when a physical object or location is able to retrieve or deliver information from the Net

2. when the Net allows you to retrieve information from ANY physical object or location that is remote from you.

Web 2.0 is about retrieving and delivering realtime information through the Net from another dimension. If you look at the hottest sites, the ones getting bought out by the major players, they are all providing static information.

It will arrive when Internet connections to any electronic device are as prevalent as electricity.

I have discussed at great length the various ways physical objects can be connected to the net, but what are the possibilities when a physical object or any internet enabled device is/can be continuously connected to the Net?

In my opinion Web 2.0 versus Web 1.0, switches from retrieving info from the net, to info being delivered thru the Net.

Content retrieval to dynamic content creation.

The emphasis of content shifts from what occurred to what is occurring.
What happened to what is happening.
The shift goes from static info/content to dynamic info/content.

A massive amount of data will be created when physical objects are/can be connected to the Net. That is Web 2.0

The pony express provided the first non verbal communication application. Delivering static information. The telephone provided the first device for communicating dynamic information.

Then look what happened when the telephone became mobile.
Everyone has asked themselves at one point, "how did we ever manage without cellphones"?
The intial function again was for communication (dynamic)
Then the mobile phone offered Internet access. (static info retrieval)
Then when the mobile phone included a camera. We can now send photos. (static)

Pictures and video from a digital camera or mobile phone are uploaded to the Net's ever increasing database...a one way process of providing static info.

The power comes when your camera phone (and other electronic devices/equipment) are able to deliver realtime data...dynamic.

What happens when your camera phone can stream video? You can now deliver dynamic information from a mobile device. See the dimension that is added?

Here are a couple examples of what I think Web 2.0 is.

1. I pull up a Google Map or Google Earth and click on a streetcam icon for a live feed of 5th Avenue. Street cam widgets on a website allow realtime viewing on a map.

2. I can turn down my air conditioner from a remote location (with PC or mobile) AND an AC repairman can diagnose a problem with AC through the Net.

I will be adding this post to the sidebar of PP because I want you to include what you think Web 2.0 is.

What is your idea of Web 2.0?


Anonymous said...

This is when you're blog's at its best, from now on forget about being a wedding consultant, adviser or divorce lawyer lol. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ditto that :)

Always best to keep things on a level playing field and to keep personal feelings out of the blog.

Keep up the good work