Sunday, March 13, 2005

Google Goes Mobile

From WebProNews Google Mobile Launches.

Great catch Nick at Threadwatch.
You can access Google Mobile by simply navigating to the normal Google home page.

Presumably it detects you're on a mobile phone and displays the correct formatting for you. You can see how it looks in a web browser by going to .

What you can do..
You can use Google Mobile for:
Web Search
Image Search
Advanced Search

The next step is when Google realizes that typing long searches on a cell keypad is too cumbersome. I wonder how they could make mobile search easier?

From Alex Wipperwurth's Brand Hijack
"by referring to it as the wireless Web, they really did a disservice to consumers. It's not the wireless Web; it's information you get on a wireless phone"

Information requested through a cellphone will be completely different that your PC Google search.
Mobile users

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