Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Is Google Getting A Mobile OS?

From Business Week Google buys Android for its mobile arsenal

Think of the revenue Google could generate with MOBILE KEYWORDS

In what could be a key move in its nascent wireless strategy, Google has quietly acquired startup Android Inc., BusinessWeek Online has learned

One source familiar with the company says Android had at one point been working on a software operating system for cell phones

"Windows, we don't need no stinkin Windows"...I wonder if Google ever uttered that sentence.

"Wireless is the next frontier in search," says Scott Ellison, analyst at research outfit IDC

A couple questions for Pondering Primate readers:

Would you download a Google toolbar for your mobile? Instead of going to, you had a little search box that you could type a search query in.

What if that search window incorporated GPS into your search query?

What would Google have to offer you, to make this part of your mobile screen?

Do you see where this is going? When you agree to download this mobile toolbar, you have given Google (and their clients) permission to advertise to you.

Think of taking Google's keyword revenue model and DOUBLING IT by offering a mobile version.

Would love comments on this one....

Google would probably have the best mobile analytics database..


Anonymous said...

Google, "Gargles"--doesn't Gag and swallows.
With the acquisitions they are doing, the
"MOBILE SPACE RACE"-- you have been pondering for some time-- accelerates.
Wherever I go,goes my mobile.
The user friendly provider gets me. I wish I knew which door they are behind!

No Name said...

You said it all...

The USER FRIENDLY provider gets me.

The mobile is with you all day, it is your new "remote control". It better be easy to use.

As Monty Hall says, "which door is it behind?"....Somehow I think the prize behind the correct door is worth more than a free cruise..

Stay tuned more pondering to come.

Anonymous said...

What about that key intellectual property they'd have to either use or get around?

No Name said...

Be more specific w/ IP question. IP that pertains to what part.

Anonymous said...

the bridge ip and how it relates to WordRegistry


ps interesting site

Anonymous said...

"User friendly" to me means "useful & friendly" at the same time--GOOG would almost have to read my mind with its Mobile Search to make it useful to me and therefore friendly. Right now it takes me way too long to "search" on a mobile web browser--keyword or not. Want to see choices FAST & RELEVANT TO ME when I use anybody's Mobile Search.

No Name said...

Useful and friendly.. I like that

Mobile search isn't search, it's navigation.

It can be navigating for your own use, or navigating (interacting) with the physical world in some way.

The bottom search isn't PC search on a mobile.

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on my ip question? I would also like to ask is who do you like in the bout between yahoo google and microsoft over mobiles

No Name said...

It's the first inning of a spring training game.

To tell you who's going to the World Series is just a wild guess.

I would much rather buy some peanuts and watch the game I'm at today than make travel reservations for October.

Anonymous said...

Google buys mystery wireless startup Android


No Name said...

Did you even read what you commented on?

File that under the category "thanks for telling me what I just said"

Anonymous said...

Is anybody ever gonna pitch the first ball on this navigation thingee? Watching who is buying season tickets for which team would become even more interesting--if only we knew their deep down secrets. Who'll be making the "do re mi" from the peanuts, hot dogs & beer concessions is what I'd like to know. (Sorta like having one lawyer in town and he is SOOO poor but put two lawyers in town and they both get rich!) Who, if anybody, has something to sell MSFT, GOOG, YHOO, AMZN et al? Those guys certainly have plenty of mullah to throw around.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

[b]What would Google have to offer you, to make this part of your mobile screen?[/b]

Ask not what Google would have to offer me, but what would Google have to offer the takers of the toll to cross the bridge?

No Name said...

You're assuming there's only bridge.

There are a number of bridges, the trick is to find the closest, easiest and fastest to cross.

Think outside the box.

Anonymous said...

Sounds an awful lot like Neomedia's patented PaperClick technology using the WordRegistry - also includes GPS technology.

Anonymous said...

Bridges for search and/or navigation might include (from near to far):

finally...."auto" navigation thru SP's

While Paperclick has been mentioned by several poster/pumpers, don't know if NEOM IP covers all these potential bridges. Any opinions?

No Name said... include all types of machine readable identifiers that allow mobile barcode, RFID tag, fingerprint, logo, image, sound..the list is pretty long.

These will be the "keywords" for mobile search. Just as Google auctions the word "pizza" as a keyword for PC advertising, think of the numerous ways they could sell that word using a phone and GPS.

There are a couple other technologies too.

One that should be unveiled in the next few weeks. I will be more than happy to report it you when I can.

No Name said...

What will be the application that SP offer, to bolster their ARPU?

I can see a day soon, where voice is free, then what?

Anonymous said...

That's an easy one...turn the phone into a charge card people want to use a lot!!

Anonymous said...

Have you heard about AOL and Wildseed? Sounds like a similar situation between Google and Android.


No Name said...

I thought I blogged that..I know I read it..

Good catch.

Mobile space heating up...imo the next great land rush

Anonymous said...

Mobile...the 1st mobile land rush being anything physical (barcode, image, voice, text, rfid, biometric, etc). The next land rush anything virtual such as GPS or Wifi where air space by latitutde, longitude, AND elevation (such as inside a building on the 50th floor) to claim virtual advertising air space, like, oh, say anything around a McDonalds restrauant....and perhaps win a Big Mac.


No Name said...

There will be 3 components for mobile marketing I beleive.

X is the physical world identifier (barcode, RFID tag etc)

Y is the position/location based

know what Z is?

Stay Tuned......

Anonymous said...

Big brother?


No Name said...

Not yet..the reason?

You CHOOSE TO USE Google's services. If Microsoft had all these apps, it would fall under the Big Brother category.

No Name said...

Sorry..I thought you were referring to Google as Big Brother.

The Z factor that makes THIS ALL work...


Anonymous said...

Google is on an acquisition spree. They are buying anything and everything in the mobi-apps domain. Probably not willing to commit the mistakes yahoo did, it wants to be present in every aspect of the mobile apps before some-one else does. Not sure its a good idea. But "Is google getting a mobile os?", I don't think we can conclude that just by looking at the companies they are acquiring.