Thursday, November 17, 2005

Carnival Of The Mobilists #6

This week I have the privilege to host The Carnival Of The Mobilists. Each week I am finding more good mobile stories and am adding new names to the BlogLines account.

Next week, Smart Mobs will be the host.

This weeks submissions.

DoCoMo Losing Wireless Dominance

Japan was the pioneer for mobile Internet revolution. The next phase for wireless Internet, DoCoMo faces pressure from some key players. Walter Adamson at i-mode Strategy discusses why this time it's different, and who the new players will be. Once again we should keep an eye on what works and what doesn't work when it comes to mobile from the Far East.

Motorola Knows Radio

Mike from iRadio Waves discusses the real history behind Motorola and their iRadio Telematics project. Five years ago Motorola said their iRadio "will bring a wireless Web connection to cars, transforming the driving experience"

From Russia With Mobile Love

Rudy at continues his Women In Mobile series with an interview with QArea's Julia Palatovska. Quite an interesting take on their desires for mobile applications.

The News Brought to you by...

Emily at highlights the Live Ticker service that Cingular and Motorola have introduced. This represents another content offering that service providers will offer to keep users on their portal and to increase ARPU.

Pssst, Know OF Any Good RSS Feaders?

Dennis from Wap Review wants a good WAP RSS feader
Quoting Dennis, "This week the editor at Wap Review recounts his quest for a mobile RSS aggregator that is actually usable on mainstream phones." Mobile is still looking for a an easy was to surf, Dennis is way out in front of the pack with this request.

If you haven't done so, check out his WAP portal Good stuff Dennis

The Mobile makes a monkey out of me

The guys from MobHappy, Carlo and Russell, submit a story that makes us question whether high technology is making us regress as a society. Can too much technology be a bad thing? I don't if know if I should be offended or complimented.

Step Right Up And Get Your Mobile News

Leonard at Wireless Data News Blog submits the weeks wireless highlights

Mobile Marketing, It Aint Deja-Vous All Over Again

Debi from Mobile Jones discusses why so many web centric services, applications and standards neglect mobility in their development and why mobile operators don't grasp the lessons learned on the web over the past decade. Will advertisers and content providers get it right this time around?

There's a New Service Provider In Town

Oliver at Mobile Weblog thinks content , not the pipes to deliver it, have always been the strength of the cable companies and it will be interesting to see what kind of mobile phone offerings they implement given the opportunity.

When Things Get Turned On (My favorite post) Mainstream media is now recognizing the vision Howard Rheingold had years ago.

Howard Rheingold and the gang at Smart Mobs discuss a story that could have come straight out of the "Era of Sentient Things" chapter in Howard's book. He calls this Phase 2 of the Internet. This is a world of networked and interconnected devices that provide relevant content and information whatever the location of the user.

If you haven't read the book Smart Mobs yet, what are you waiting for?

How Does Google Put A Sponsored Ad On A Mobile?

It is my feeling that keywords for Internet advertising will be replaced by a different metric for mobile marketing. A new way to measure traffic and relevancy for advertising.
This is what I see

Next week Smart Mobs will host The Carnival Of The Mobilists. Be sure to submit your post early to mobilists at googlemail dot com.

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