Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Google Sees The New American Business Model

A lawsuit against Google and VoIP patents.

I have commented a number of times what I think the New American Business Model will look like. Google is starting to see it.

We don't manufacture anything in the States anymore, so the next "asset" will come from companies leveraging their intellecutal property.

SearchEngine Watch discovered a lawsuit filed in October against Google Talk for infringing on some VoIP patents.

Rates Technology says that two patents they hold (awarded in 1995, 2001) for minimizing the cost of long distance calls using the Internet are being infringed upon by Google Talk.

A blog post by Rich Tehrani explains that Rates Technology, a company Tehrani says, exists, "to collect revenue from other companies" has also sued Nortel, Sharp Electronics and others over patents it holds.

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