Friday, January 06, 2006

Yahoo Goes Mobile

How much longer before Yahoo and the other big players buy a mobile marketing company?

Yahoo was set to announce on Friday that its e-mail, instant messenger, photo and other services will be available on mobile phones.

The services will be preloaded on Nokia Series 60 mobile phones and available in 10 countries worldwide, and available to Cingular and AT&T customers in the United States. Additions and updates to the information in the applications will be automatically synched between the mobile phone and the user account on Yahoo servers.

Later in the year, Yahoo plans to launch a service that will allow mobile users to program the recording of TV shows remotely over mobile phones

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SHL said...

I'm a bit skeptical about the download of a Yahoo application onto a phone. What is the difference between that and the current WAP Yahoo portal? It is just as cumbersome and tedious to navigate and browse content.