Friday, July 21, 2006

Google Vision.. What Do They See?

I don't know if people will want to carry another device around, when this will be done with a camera phone eventually.

The concept of a image recognition search engine and information tool would be a killer app.

From the Cool Hunter GOOGLE VISION Point and Aim

Well, yet another bright young designer from the U.K is developing a system that will have tag and name exactly what your staring at.

Google Vision is a conceptual product developed by Callum Peden, for the world's favorite search engine. The product provides the user with a truly unique information hub by combining GPS, OLED technology and advanced image recognition in the form of a retractable screen device

Won't most mobile phones have these same features?

The Global Positioning System will see the end of wondering the streets asking for directions and the small roller ball will allow for easy navigation of the flexible screen. Brilliant for identifying landmarks whilst on holidays, Google vision acts as a personal; tour guide.

As well as this, advanced image recognition will mean Google Vision can target well known landmarks. Then using the increased coverage of wireless internet, provide the user with information on their surroundings wherever they may be

I like the retractable screen though. That would be a nice feature to have on a mobile phone.

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