Monday, September 11, 2006

Sprint Ventures Into Mobile Marketing With Enpocket

A big kudos has to go out to the guys at Enpocket for landing this deal.

From RCR News Sprint Nextel wades into mobile marketing waters

Sprint Nextel Corp. is expected to become the first Tier 1 carrier to officially step onto the mobile marketing playground this week, tapping Enpocket in an effort to generate revenues by delivering advertising messages through its wireless Web service.

Industry sources say New York-based Enpocket will power an ad-delivery system for Sprint Nextel's mobile Web portal, selling advertising space on navigation pages and other locations.

Sprint Nextel looks to be the first operator partner with a marketing firm to sell advertisements on its deck, selling the space itself and pocketing the revenues

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So they went to the "dark" side it would seem. What happens when handset makers are in control and on-deck properties are passe? Power to the people!!