Tuesday, January 23, 2007

TellMe Disrupts The Mobile Search Space With Speech Recognition 411 For Mobile

The first thing I thought is TellMe could disrupt the mobile search and info space pretty quickly with this application.

I see a couple opportunities for TellMe with this mobile application.

First off TellMe gets into the advertising business and creates a division selling "Voice Words"

TellMe could start a domain registry for specific words Sell specific words, that companies can use in various mobile applications (advertising, commerce) that when said over the TellMe network, would direct the mobile user to a specific site or content.
TellMe develops a direct to connect mobile application.

Advertisers incorporate "TellMe" words into all forms of advertising similar to SMS shortcodes and keywords today.

Would TellMe's voice platform be a great acquisition for Google (voicewords for advertising) or Verisign (offer voicewords with domain registration)?

TechCrunch has the scoop on TellMe launching a Killer Mobile Product

If you have a cell phone that supports the new TellMe mobile application, you will never use 411 again to find a business. It launches today at 5 AM PST.

TellMe mobile is a free Java application that you install on your phone. You can then find normal 411 information via a voice activated menu. Just hold the talk button and say the city and state you are searching in. Then say the business name. Phone and address information comes up on the screen. You can then call the business, see a map and/or get driving directions, and send the information to a friend via SMS. The best part is that the service is completely free.

For now the service is only available to Sprint and Cingular customers.

Would you download this application for this service?

Chances are you have probably used TellMe without knowing it when you used a voice recognition service to get a stock quote, track a package or find flight info.

How much longer before we see a speech recognition browser? Or a combination of GPS and search functions with voice?

Thoughts comments?

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Anonymous said...

Use it for more than just stock quotes, tracking packages, or checking flights.

You could use it for calling in to your home's security alarm to perform home automation functions (lights on/off, ...). You could use it to access web-based CGI/ASP applications to initiate processes and functions by voice.

Use it to activate your video-on-demand service to record your favorite show so you can just download it when you get home.