Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Who Or What Is The Next Google?

Will the "triple play" to the home, become a homerun for advertising?

Who or what is the "Next Google"?

What device in the home produces more data about us, and will allow timely and relevant advertising?...with a commerce application.

There is one big pipe that comes into your home and a gatekeeper acts like an enormous "search box" for your searching, surfing, TV, VOD, and soon mobile.set top box

Even when you're sleeping your interests are being documented.

It seems pretty obvious.

Google is/has done a great job of delivering relevant ads when you use their search box. They know what we're doing when we are searching, but that only delivers information when we are actively using the Net using a PC.

The "next Google" will collect and deliver information in real-time about our interests (passively and actively) on ALL devices that use the "big pipe" coming into our home.

Jeff Bewkes, President COO of Time Warner gives a great interview called
The Next Google And More.

I think the "Next Google" is a software company or application, that acts like the "digital Nielsen" of ALL Internet activity and delivers real-time information to advertisers. Because this information is collected AND delivered dynamically, the advertisers can provide targeted and relevant ads.

Here are just a few things the "next Google" can offer advertisers.

What sites do you visit most often and at what times.
How long after, or do you even visit a website after seeing a TV ad.
What TV shows do you watch or TIVO. When do you play those recorded shows.
What TV ads do you skip through.
How much time is your GameStation playing.

Oh yeah, this application will also be able to tell what you were searching for on the Internet too.

Software, in the set top box, that analyzes all activity from the "big pipe" coming in your home. There is a company that is doing this now.


Anonymous said...

I am guessing the wired or wireless router most people have through which all internet activity, from computers to TIVO's flow through.

My other guess would be the dsl or cable modem.

Do either of these devices collect such data?

No Name said...

It's actually software suite that is embedded in the set top box.

Here's a couple quotes from the company.

"Our commitment is to become the world's most trusted independent provider of multiscreeen media measurement, from linear and cable TV to broadband, from mobile devices to whatever comes next"

"Today's media consumers are fragmented across 300+ networks, multiple screens and time shifted viewing sessions. AS a result content providers, distributors and advertisers are hungry for more reliable media measurement information and more interactive media measurement tools"

Amitav Roy said...

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RedCardinal said...

And here's me thinking Google would tell me:

All that I got was your site :(

Gotta keep digging now....

No Name said...

More clues can be found here .