Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tax Coming To Text Messages?

Disruption ahead for businesses that use text messaging for alerts and ads?

Service providers are finding any way to increase revenues.

GogaOM reports that:

Beginning Oct. 1, T-Mobile USA will charge a toll of one-quarter of one cent to businesses for every SMS delivered to its customers.

That’s right, the Twitters of the world could soon have to pay to send your texts.

What are other immediate ways businesses can alert consumers via the mobile?

How will this affect spammers?

Will this cause a shift to email?

What if Facebook, or Twitter announced they would no longer support SMS services with this provider?

What if there was a way to push a text message thru the Net? or better yet, through a Facebook Group/app?

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owenmunger said...

SMS mobile messaging is a fantastic advancement in the way we target customers. One of the great advantages of mobile SMS marketing is that it is relatively cheap. Which seems like that might change with the increase in prices charged by mobile carriers.

Jonathan madnick said...

This only applies to messages delivered through aggregators. Twitter and other giants have direct carrier connections, so they won't be touched by this.

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