Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tipping Point For "TV Meets The Internet Wave" Has Officially Arrived

Google, YouTube and soon Hulu.

The tipping point for the "TV meets the Internet" wave has arrived.

15 minute limit for YouTube lifted

 One of the waves I highlight is "TV meets the Net". Here is an excerpt from the book How To Find Big Stocks

When user generated videos approach 30 minutes in length, they compete with regular TV programming. Very disruptive to both TV networks and advertisers.

When every video recording device is connected to the Net, it becomes a TV channel. Millions of new TV channels with the consumer being the editor and producer. Millions of new TV Channels.

The book reveals numerous disruptive technologies that have the ability to be Big Stocks. Knowing what wand where to look is key to finding the stock market's next big winners.


The tool that turned $10,000 into $2,800,000 in 2 years.

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