Friday, January 13, 2012

TV Is The Next Digital Land Grab

The investing wave of TV Commerce/Internet TV is one to start watching.

integrating voice and motion control into its new sets, enabling users to speak commands to their TVs or change channels and other settings with just a wave.
(this is just one example of how it will disrupt)

The television represents another computing device and display for commerce. The ability to click on an image, be directed to a website and purchase it, is another investing trend to watch.

The TV will turn into another ecommerce platform and when YouTube allows 30 minute videos it will compete directly with TV viewing.

Dynamic ads placed in reruns, hyperlinks embedded in shows, the eyeballs shift BACK to the TV.

iPad with voice recognition turns into your remote control (for your TV and appliances in the home).

Want to see what other investing trends to watch for?

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