Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Trumps Signs Bill Letting ISPs See and Share Your Browsing History

Trump officially ended online privacy rules.

Internet providers will not have to ask permission before sharing sensitive data with advertisers.

Many are saying to use a VPN to keep your online browsing from being seen by your ISP but that isn't true. The truth is, if your browser runs on your device, you cannot have complete privacy and security. Cookies and viruses can still touch and see your device. Sites can track you from site to site while you use a VPN too. VPNs have many cons.

How can you keep your online privacy? Use a cloud browser.

Cloud browsers are the wave of the future

Your true location is hidden, history, cookies, and viruses stay isolated from you and your device.

Personal computing is and has shifted to the cloud. Applications run in the cloud NOT on the device.

Shouldn't your browser do the same?


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