Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Insider Buying Report Has Officially Launched

Having invested publicly and privately in nanocap companies with either breakthrough technology or part of a major investing wave for over 30 years, we have a pretty good idea of what companies have wealth changing potential.

It all starts with the insiders, they know more than the why not follow them?

At the Insider Buying Report we scan ALL insider buying. We then have specific criteria we look for. We look for specific type of buying and from specific people. Not all insider buying is created equal, and we know that.

We then do homework to see if the company has either breakthrough technology or if they could be part of a major investing trend.

After getting feedback from certain members, we quietly launched.

Our first featured company was Digital Power (DPW) at .60 in September. We wanted to find a way to invest in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency wave. We saw the large insider buying in DPW and did some digging. We determined their subsidiary Coolisys could be the equipment provider to this industry.

While nanocaps have considerable risk, investing at the same time as insiders can sometimes reduce that risk.

We feature small companies with insider buying.

Check us out Insider Buying Report

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