Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Customers Are Ready, But You Have To Get Permission And Make It Worthwhile

From Pressi.com Consumers ready for mobile customer relationship management.

PRESSI.COM 02/08/2005) PEAR-research project (Personalized Mobile Advertising Services), coordinated by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Oulu, Finland, investigated the willingness of Finnish consumers to receive mobile marketing such as discounts coupons and information in the form of text messages (SMS). Based on over 20,000 responses recorded in the research, it can be concluded that consumers are ready to receive mobile marketing: above 80 % of the respondents expressed their acceptance towards mobile marketing.

“Traditionally wireless marketing communications in the form of SMS has been used as a one-off sales promotion method for daily consumer goods", says project manager Matti Leppäniemi from the University of Oulu.

“Having conducted numerous traditional surveys (online and paper surveys) I can argue that on average, responses provided via SMS are more accurate and authentic than responses from internet or paper surveys: there were surprisingly few empty or inadequate responses.

“Gathering a mobile marketing database from scratch requires that the mobile medium is combined with other media. This is evident also in the light of the research results. In the academic world we talk about so called integrated marketing communications or hybrid media, which means particularly in this project the combination of mobile medium with internet and traditional, such as print media.

Combining mobile medium with other media is necessary in order to reach customers and to initiate a dialogue with them. In other words, SMS campaigns must be advertised and marketed in other media. Commonly SMS campaigns have been bound to particular products by printing them for example on soft drink labels and candy bar wrappers.

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