Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Marketing

A great idea. Simple and very "useful".

Sports Illustrated is selling wallpaper images for your mobile phone.

To see the images click here.

Now once you download an image for $2.00 plus applicable carrier charges, does this give SI the permission to market to you?

Will you get mobile messages offering SI at cheap rates? Will they advertise a reduced rate on the Swimsuit Issue thru an SMS?

Howabout an add-on service that is a Veronika Verekova ringtone. Verionica says "you have a call". How neat would that be?

SI could incorporate a mobile campaign by putting a code under each girl's name in the swimsuit issue for wallpaper downloads.

Combine a wallpaper download and a 1 minute video feature for the phone.

As the clarity of cameras on cameraphones gets better (why can't you take a picture of the girl in the magazine and save on your phone), the wallpaper download biz shrinks and it will be other applications (video clips) that keeps the revenue going.