Friday, February 04, 2005

Step Right Up And Get Yer Rebate

From IT 41% of consumers forget to send in rebates.

Half of consumers never even try to get the rebates. Many forget about them or lose some of the required material. Other times consumers send everything off and never receive a check.
About a third of consumers said they had bought a technology product with a rebate in the last six months, according to an online survey conducted in November by The NPD Group. A fifth of the consumers bought products earlier than they would have otherwise, and one in six spent more money than he or she would have if a rebate hadn't been offered.
Most who missed out on the rebates forgot to redeem them (41%). Others lost the forms, receipts or product bar codes (25%), didn't feel the rebate was worth the effort (20%) or thought the redemption process was too complicated (14%), according to a survey by Leflein Associates Inc.

Simple solution? Sure. Turn on the barcodes from the products. When consumer gets home and opens the package, juct click on the barcode or send SMS with barcode number on the box.

Rebate will get sent, consumer will be registered (for future promotions) and no more letters/envelopes/stamps to deal with.

The beauty with this is, the brand stays in touch with consumer once he leaves the store.

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