Thursday, February 17, 2005

Getting On the Phone Through Wallpaper

From XTV World How to reach your audience's mobile phones.

The next big marketing must is Mobile Wallpaper that includes a companies logo, brand URL or premium number. It's a quick mobile fix for companies that want to reach the mobile.

(PRWEB) February 17, 2005 -- Perhaps the most relevant, efficient and inexpensive way to reach your audiences mobile is by offering free branded MMS and Wallpaper that can be downloaded directly to their phone.

How a company should leverage the web, was a hard enough nut to crack, but now that mobiles are on the rise, what to do- m-commerce, mobile community, location based services or an sms campaign? Sounds like rough, unexplored terrain, which is costly, time consuming and risky to explore.

Mobile images in the form of wallpaper or MMS on the other hand are already tried and proved. People love them and while they will be forking out billions over the next years to send mobile greetings to their friends and decorate their phones with hip backgrounds, free branded images offer a nice alternative for your audience. Now that phones can access the web it is possible to host an image that can be reached by typing a URL into a mobile phone.

Typing a URL can be nail biting process, but it beats paying the three or five dollars image distribution services charge.

No need to type in a lengthy URL.

Just click on a barcode of ANY product of the brand. What if Coke offered a Jessica Simpson video just by clicking on ANY BARCODE ON ANY COKE CAN.

Or send an SMS and get link back. It's not that hard to implement a good mobile campaign. Keeping one is another story.

The medium works especially well for companies that offer mobile services, since they can include their premium number or URL in the image. Since mobiles go wherever the owner goes and is seen by their peers, it acts as a mini billboard. If it is any indication that mobile wallpaper will be around for a while, the number one search on google in the tech category last year was "wallpaper".

What if Froogle incorporated a desireable image and offered the combo of wallpaper/price comparison engine?

Could this be a way Google gets their toolbar on the phone?
Froogle and an image company offer the ability to choose your own image for a toolbar. Download a New England Patriots Google bar. Or an ocean view Google toolbar.

The same concept of personalized credit cards, but with the Google toolbar. Give the wallpaper away JUST TO GET the toolbar on the phone.

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