Monday, February 07, 2005

Opening Doors?

From Linux Insider Opening doors.

The holy grail for any content owner in the mobile content space is to build a direct relationship with consumers, one enabling them, via a branded piece of real estate on a user's handset, to deliver constantly updated premium content, without having to negotiate with the operators for distribution through their portals.

Mobile Java , or J2ME, is gearing up as the technology that can do just that. Java enables content owners to promote a downloadable "portal," from which consumers can directly access content. It can also be automatically updated whenever they connect via GPRS.

A key reason behind the launches is that brands and content owners are fed up with dancing to the operators' tune when releasing content, especially when it's their brands that have the real emotional connection.

This groundswell of interest from the media community has led to a scramble among mobile technology and services companies, all hungry to provide the underlying infrastructure

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