Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Start Of M-Commerce Through SMS

From The Hosting News.com E-commerce your products on wireless phones with txtNation's mEnable.

txtNation is proud today to provide a breakthrough in online payment, marking a revolutionary step forward for e-commerce businesses worldwide. With their most advanced service technology, txtNation are the first company able to provide its client the solution to sell tangible goods by premium SMS.

Thanks to its continued efforts, txtNation, a worldwide leading provider of mobile solutions, has empowered www.smsposters.com with this revolutionary means to accept e-commerce transactions. Tangible goods with their high fixed costs, has meant the outpayments offered by other SMS companies does not result in profit; unlike txtNation. txtNation's mENABLE solution combines exceptional outpayments in no less than 30 countries worldwide, and an easy integration method for any e-commerce billing scenario.

Smsposters.com offers an extremely easy and innovative way to choose items as posters, bookmarks, and film cells, providing customers to add them in shopping cart just clicking on the easy-to manage icons. Clients can choose the guaranteed fastest and safest way to order by their mobile phone: through mENABLE services they are charged for their payment through premium SMS passwords via short codes.

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