Monday, February 28, 2005

Just Take Me There

Interesting post regarding search versus navigation.

From Seth Godin Blog .

I lost the keys to my Toyota Prius .

Anyway, I go to Google and type in "replacement key toyota prius." (here's the search: Google Search: replacement key toyota prius.).

A quick check along the ads on the side shows that the second one, ( has paid a lot to offer me a solution.

I click.

It takes me NOT to the parts for my car, but to the parts for all Toyotas (even though they bought the word Prius). I enter Prius and it takes me to another menu. No keys listed here.

I do a search for "keys".

This is what I get .

The whole point here is Seth knew where he wanted to go but the search engine didn't match up his request.How hard to pick out toyota prius and replacement key in that query.

If I'm Toyota this is why I get steamed at Google for generating revenues off my trademark. If the user too that much effort to type two specific names in the request, why couldn't the "alogorithms" decipher this better?

The results that come up for this search are anything BUT Toyota Prius.

When will you be able to type in "toyota prius" and go right to their page?

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