Tuesday, February 08, 2005

ZeeWee The SMS Disrupter?

From 160 Characters.com ZeeWee mobile IM primed to disrupt SMS.

Echovox has unveiled the industry’s first mobile2mobile Instant Messaging application that works cross-network and cross-handset

‘ZeeWee’, combines the huge success of both SMS and online Instant Messaging in a highly viral format.

It is compatible with all JAVA-enabled handsets on both 2.5G and 3G networks, and thanks to Echovox’s proprietary network infrastructure ‘ICON’ (Inter Carrier Open Network), it is fully interoperable across both Europe and the US.

‘ZeeWee’ uses a patent-pending IP-based IM infrastructure to send and receive messages over the ICON network rather than standard SMS. This IM infrastructure uses a combination of GPRS (or UMTS) and Reverse Charged SMS to overcome the fact that mobile phones are not ‘always connected’ when initiating IM sessions. The usage of 2.5G or 3G capabilities to transmit messages cuts up to 90% off equivalent conversation via SMS.

The new service is targeted particularly at teenagers and high spenders in user2user SMS, enabling them to interact with multiple participants by sending messages in real time. It also delivers an enhanced user experience through the addition of emoticons, images, group sessions and further advanced features.

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