Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Smart Communications Licenses Nextcode's Physical World Connection Platform

I think Nextcode is the first U.S. based Physical World Connection company to have their platform incorporated by a wireless carrier.

The Philippines generate more SMS traffic than any other country and it says a lot that an innovative mobile provider like SMART chose Nextcode's platform for the next generation of mobile marketing and mobile commerce.

"SMART is recognized around the world as a leader in advanced mobile applications offerings," said Jim Levinger, CEO of Nextcode Corporation.

Nextcode Corporation, a worldwide leader in optical bar code scanning technology, announced today that Smart Communications, Inc. (SMART), the leading Philippine wireless services provider with 22.9 million subscribers, is the first major carrier to license Nextcode's ConnexTo(TM) for Carriers platform.

The ConnexTo carrier package enables carriers to deploy sophisticated barcode scanning-based services to subscribers. The carrier platform provides software that allows camera phones to read codes, and tools to create and manage code-based programs for content discovery and merchandising, mobile marketing, commerce, community and other subscriber services.

Nextcode's technology is designed to be cost effectively deployed and managed easily. It operates on standard camera phones without requiring modification to phone hardware or optics. It provides unmatched flexibility and usability for subscribers, advertisers and content providers.

The mCode:
1. uses much less space than a QR code
2. is much more reliable
3. provides more security than a QR code
4. can offer more applications than a QR code

Based on the size of the code, the size of data is most efficient with an mCode.

Some mCode examples

"The code scanning platform that Nextcode provides significantly enhances our ability to bring innovative new services to our customers," said Napoleon L. Nazareno, president and CEO of SMART.

More information about Nextcode and their ConnexTo platform.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Smart Communications is a big win. These guys in the Philippines are really forward thinking. Over there the mobile services are some of the most advanced in the world. Text messaging, mobile payments, mobile marketing programs are really huge there. If they picked Nextcode, that is a pretty strong endorsement.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Jim L.--nice job.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Jim great work here.

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