Monday, June 12, 2006

XXTremeMeasures Produces Innovative Mobile Campaign

In my opinion, it will either be the pornography or gambling industry that kickstarts a 2d code application on a mobile phone.

XXTremeMeasures realizes that and created a mobile marketing campaign that includes both.

Xxtreme Measures has been proclaimed the most complete digital, wireless, mobile marketing company in United States, and this campaign shows why.

Xxtreme Measures also demonstrated their cutting edge X-Code technology and premium SMS capabilities. The special "2D bar code" was displayed on the "First Interactive Apparel" caps, tank tops and posters, featuring the "ALL IN" movie trailer and its sponsors on the latest cellular phones upon scanning the 2D X-Code image.

To access "ALL IN" THE MOVIE mobile community, users instantaneously receive a mobile coupon by sending a text message to, (99606) along with the key word, "ALL IN THE MOVIE1." Users will be charged $.99 cents per message with the charge appearing on the user's phone bill.

With this special promotion "ALL IN" THE MOVIE will reveal a special code to receive $50 cash for joining Party Poker or you can also go to to scan the barcode to receive it as well

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Anonymous said...

"Hip, sleeze, rap and slick" might be just the ticket for some product/service purveyors--a perfect fit with Xxtreme looking at their web site. My guess is that GE, P&G and other well-known household brands will seek a less potentially controversial company for mobile marketing services.