Thursday, September 28, 2006

XXTreme Measures And Time Warner Cable Connect The Physical World

Physical world connection player XXTreme Measures taps into the television market.

I have talked about XXTreme's X-Code and their complete mobile marketing platform before. More than just text messaging, they offer complete mobile solutions which include physical world hyperlinks (PWH).

As an advertiser or marketing agency, being able to offer a PWH will be key.

They are focusing on the entertainment industry to launch their codes.

Can you guess who's 2d barcode scanning platform they use? I will let the company disclose it.

Xxtreme Measures LLC and Txtstation announced their partnership with the unveiling of Urban Network TV, the first offering from Xxtreme’s Interactive Television Community (XITVC) channel service now testing on Time Warner Cable.

This channel service is the first of its kind, and it features content enabled with Xxtreme’s innovative off deck mobile marketing and digital distribution technology (Xx-Scan) and Txtstation’s real-time mobile-interactive technology.

In addition, viewers can preview, download, send and receive content, invite friends, and use a virtual menu with many other applications like mobile ticketing. The partners hope to blow the lid off conventional strategies for digital media distribution and interactivity.

Xxtreme Measures is a leading Los Angeles-based entertainment marketing company.

Xx-Scan allows people,sponsors and advertisers to access mobile content by assigning to a dedicated barcode by

By simply pointing your phone at the barcode with a camera phone, you are automatically directed to your favorite celebrites,music,games,pictures,movies,videos, products and services

Txtstation is a leading mobile marketing company specializing in sports and entertainment. We allow broadcasters, event owners, sponsors and general media to communicate with viewers or fans directly through their mobile phones and other multimedia platforms.

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