Thursday, April 27, 2006

XXTreme's X-Code Connects Physical World And Offers Complete Mobile Marketing

I would have to say XXTreme Measures is most complete mobile marketing company I have seen so far in the States.

They offer marketing, billing, texting and they even have their own physical world hyperlink called X-Code .

XXTreme Measures and their X-Code, offer mobile ticketing, coupons and access to content on the Internet.
In addition, take a look at their supported carriers .

Add XXTreme Measures to the mobile marketing, mobile coupon and physical world connection lists .

Xxtreme SMS provides you an easy access to the content related to a unique eye-catching barcode.

You simply point at the barcode and are instantly directed to the associated content - music, media, graphics, text. Xxtreme SMS eliminates the need for manual multitap key-entry and lets you get to content faster!.

Xxtreme SMS also provide mobile ticketing, mobile coupon and mobile commerce solutions based on the creation, delivery and redemption of barcodes to mobile phones.

Xxtreme X-Code are barcoded tickets sent to a mobile phone. The Xxtreme X-Code is redeemed at the venue by simply scanning the mobile phone display with a standard scanner or a digital camera phone (software neccessary).

Locations include US, UK, China, S Korea and Brazil.

Look at the carriers supported both US and International.

The company has their own debit card company and has stated they would be utilizing this for various mobile applications.

Stay tuned, they should be offering some interesting mobile campaigns and applications soon.
Nice find Olivier

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