Friday, July 13, 2007

BuildHardLink Connects Physical Objects To The Net With HardLinks

This is a great idea and the timing for this application couldn't come at a better time.

BuildHardLink took the term "Physical World Hyperlinks" from the Pondering Primate, and created another dimension to it.

Now you can "link" any physical object, to any site/content on the Internet.

One word, number or a combination of both found on any physical object, links that physical object to content on the Net.

Go to and type the HardLink (and number, word or combination) found on any physical object, and be connected (directly or indirectly) to any desired content.

Hyperlink from any physical object to your Internet enabled cell phone using BuildHardLink.
Just as a hyperlink takes you from web page to web page, a HardLink takes you from a physical object to a data store of information about that object in the form of pictures and text.

Here's another big opportunity for them. A HardLink can also act as a portal for physical world objects. In addition to getting one URL for a Hardlink, a portal of links could be established for the HardLink.

-Better than SMS text messaging (shortcode and keyword) because Hardlinks offer a direct connect function with multiple options.

-Better than TinyURL..who wants to type any sized URL in a mobile browser.

-No camera phone required to link any physical object to the Net.

Phone numbers, bar codes, brand names, sports teams, zipcodes can all be used as HardLinks.

An example could be using a barcode number for the HardLink . Type in the barcode and get options for (coupons, price comparison, recipes, nutritional, related products). A Hardlink owner can create many options using just one HardLink. Any brand could "turn on" their bar codes with this application.

Another example. Fergie uses "Fergie" as her HardLink. Type in "Fergie" and get a host of options (concert dates, ringtones, upcoming CD releases, pics, videos, TV appearances).

If you you would like to build your own hardlink, go to and click on the 'Build Now' icon to experiment and create your own. When finished you can test your new number on our cell phone simulator or on your own phone.HardLink

Some HardLink Examples

How does it differ from a "Dot mobi" site?

A domain name with the dot-mobi extension is specifically designed for and accessible by Internet enabled mobile devices, such as cell phones. A HardLink is a Physical World Hyperlink that links a physical object to targeted information on Internet.

Build your own HardLink in seconds

Their basic service is free. If you would like to place a particular link name in your account so that only you can edit it, that cost is 38 cents each. If you would like to set up a private access business portal account contact sales to find out about those prices.

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