Thursday, July 12, 2007

TrillCode Offers Branded Mobile Codes

TrillCode , another Physical World Connection player, announces the availability to include brand/ targeted images within their mobile code. They have also increased the speed and accuracy of the TrillCode reader.

One of the obstacles I see with Physical World Connection adoption is users asking Whose mobile code are you and where will you take me?.

Branded mobile codes, or mobile codes that are easily identifiable, eliminate this obstacle.

The main features of TrillCodes are:

-is build from the ground to be used with camera phones

-it's one of the few which has the decoder integrated in the phone application and does not rely on server decoding - this mean no data traffic and more important no cost at all for users

-is scalable, you can input 8-210 characters (numbers, letters, signs) and the size accommodate with your data.

-is fast

-has a very good rate of recognition even at small code dimensions

- allow placing a logo image inside the code

-has a distinct and pleasant looking design

-is omni-directional

-is the first to embed forms making it easy to place orders or generate feedback

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