Friday, July 20, 2007

Texas Rangers Use Tickets At Phone For Mobile Ticketing

Mobile phones are tickets to Rangers games
mobile ticketing
Starting today, your mobile phone can be your ticket to the game.

The Texas Rangers are among a handful of Major League Baseball teams to launch Tickets at Phone, a technology that sends a barcode to a mobile phone or device that's read by a scanner to gain entry to a game.

While the so-called mobile tickets today include only a bar code, officials hope to soon be able to target key customers with customized offers for tickets and merchandise over their mobile phones.

The Rangers' mobile ticketing technology was developed by MLB Advanced Media LP's unit and partner Mobiqa Ltd. of Edinburgh, Scotland. rival Ticketmaster is also developing a mobile-ticketing technology and expects to launch it in Ireland this month and in the U.S. next year.

I also know that Ticketmaster is developing an authentication system for tickets as well that involves Physical World Connection.

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Anonymous said...

Ticketmaster have already launched in the Uk and Ireland - like TdC they are working solely with Mobiqa - and are also planning mobile ticketing roll-outs in Holland and Germany