Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mobile RFID Codes Coming

From ETN News Mobile RFID Code In Use

For the first time in the world, a wide range of products being distributed in the domestic market will be attached with a mobile RFID code from upcoming October.
Mobile RFID codes can be categorized into 3 types such as mCode with interoperability with ISO standards, micro-mCode for acceptance of two-dimensional bar-codes and mini-mCode developed for a mobile RFID pilot service.

The National Internet Development Agency of Korea had a public hearing on guidelines to establish mobile RFID services and management measures for mobile RFID codes in Gangnam, Seoul on July 25.

The Agency will officially open a webpage for mobile RFID registration ( by the end of this month. Before October when a formal registration service will begin, temporary codes (mCode and mini-mCode) will be issued to organization in need for mobile RFID codes.

Nokia has already developed an RFID phone and I think Microsoft is producing an RFID browser

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