Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Microsoft Uses QTags For LIVE Promotion And Raises A Question

I think this is the first text message promotional campaign I have seen for Microsoft.

Something to ponder here. Why is Microsoft using another shortcode (Qtags) to promote their major mobile application?

Microsoft is using qtags text keywords to satisfy their cravings for awareness & use of their LIVE Search for mobile phones.

The awareness campaign includes radio spots in target cities which make it easy for the listener to connect to more information about the service, right away, in the moment of interest.

text 'live' to 78247 [and get what you want, when you want, right where you are....]

In a short time, Qtags has compiled an extensive list of advertisers using qtags for their mobile marketing campaign. The two big SMS players I see are 4INFO and Qtags. Media conglomerate Gannett, took a stake in 4INFO, who could be courting Qtags?

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