Monday, July 23, 2007

Dial "DIR-ECT-IONS" 347-328-4667 For Mobile Directions

Turn your cellphone into a free GPS.

Want directions but don't have GPS service?

Now mobile phone users in San Francisco, New York City and Los Angeles can dial DIRECTIONS (347-328-4667), say where you are and where you're going.

Dial Directions sends a text message with driving directions supplied through MapQuest.
The service is free but includes an ad at the end of the text message.

Dial Directions

The next services I see is a link to the MapQuest map included in the text message.

Relevant ads (based on location) should be included in the direction text.


Erling Mitton ACMA said...

Hi Scott

Interesting article, have you tried the service? I am based in France so I haven't tried it for myself.

I noticed the lady in the cartoon is sat in a car while using her mobile phone. She perhaps isn't be actually driving but still not great marketing, it could backfire (excuse the pun!)

Best regards


dayoo_kun said...

dude, this is a wonderful tool.

pate said...

I used to use Dial Directions regularly. Now, when I call it, I am told that I cannot be connected as dialed. Has something happened to Dial Directions. I have called on other people's phones, same thing.