Thursday, September 27, 2007

Augme Uses Barcodes On Tshirts is now selling T-shirts that can be scanned by a mobile phone. When the phone reads the T-shirt, it will visit the website of the person wearing it. barcode tshirt

The T-shirts feature a datamatrix barcode, known as a “tag”. Using a mobile phone camera, a person may take a picture of the tag, and software on the mobile phone can read it. The mobile phone then launches a browser and visits the website of the wearer.

The person wearing the T-shirt can choose any website, social networking page, photo, video or music to link the tag to. This includes the ever-popular Facebook and Myspace websites, as well as Augme’s own profiles which are designed with mobile-viewing in mind. allows users to create and manage phone-readable tags. Visitors to the site may create tags for any purpose and use them as they see fit. Augme, Inc is dedicated to linking information on the internet to physical objects. The Augme website is at for computers and for mobile phones.

T-shirts are available from and


Augme said...


Thanks for the inclusion in your blog. Actually, the store is located at or

From a personal point of view, it's exciting to see our news on your blog. I have been a long-time reader.

Best regards,

Scott Shaffer said...

Thanks Matt.

Corrections have been made.
A great idea for tshirts.

Next task is introducing other products with these codes.

Great job.

augme said...

Thanks for the compliment, Scott. T-shirts are just the first part, as you say. There's more to come.

All the best,